Monday, September 24, 2012

Coupon Organizer and Scanner (Android) - Comments

Coupon Organizer and Scanner (Android) - Comments: Comments - Download Coupon Organizer and Scanner for Android (1.000 - 5.000 downloads) - With the free version of the app- you can manually input coupon details, organize your coupons and get alerts when...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall is coming !

Time to start saving again!
Time to start couponing and sales!
I'm ready and starting today!
Got a bread machine got a slow cooker got a pressure cooker , and I'm set to go !!!!!
Wishing all a great fall and winter!
Will post again soon .

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tip of the day!!!

Most of us have a smart phone or an iPod or an iPad or so on...
Applications ,,, well there are billions!!!
I love my iPod 4 !
Bought it last year ! Octomber 2010 !
Played over 100 games downloaded lots of great apps....
For free!!!
Do don't need to pay for an app..
There is always a free one just like the paid one!!! Just need to look a little more...
Me for example!!!!
First I find the app I want ..
Then I google it and find something free that is almost the same!!
Other people pay money!!
I just payed to get the iPod !!!
Apps come and go !!
Why pay for things that after a month or two I will get bored of !
Free is always better!
Don't you agree...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tip of the day

Do you have blackheads???
Well there is a mask that removes them !
It only costs 4-5 euros and it lasts about 2-3 months!!!
It is an Avon mask !
I love it.
I'm wearing it as I'm writing...
Well if you want one too, contact me and I will be happy to tell you which one!!!
It also shrinks pores!
What else can you ask for !
For only 5 minutes a week and less than 0.50 euros a week !!!
It's cheap and very good!
I love it, you should try it!

Monday, March 12, 2012

What I miss in 2012...

I miss just going in the grocery store with no list or a worry if the money o have is enough...
I miss food that is not on special!
Tonight I was missing Kaseri cheese.
I miss going to the gaz station and saying " filler up" I know 20 euros won't be enough to last my whole week.
I miss paying my bills on time! Yup. You read right , I miss that!
I miss my dancing class I had to quit!!
I also miss my once a week coffee out!
I miss my once a month outing for drinks, it's the only time a mom of 3 doesn't serve or pick or fill glasses!
I miss my cable tv, at least I could watch a movie when home or daughter some cartoons.
I miss the rush if going to shop clothes, or even small things like panty hose .
I miss junk food , and diet coke ...
In Greece 2012 started bad, and I'm afraid it will finish even worse!!!
I miss my nagging about my work being to much work...
I miss nagging to hubby about working too much.
I miss the life I had 5 years ago, then I thought we had problems.. But who could imagine 2012 Greece. I miss the everyday little things that made us happy!
Thank god we still have an Internet Conection !
So I can write my thoughts!
Troika go to hell on my behalf!
Stop killing the Greek people!
Go away you are making things wrong for us!
Because in my world , things were working great before you came!!!
I know our leaders did mistakes!
Ask them for the money , not us the people.
While the people of Greece are suffering the government is eating at very very expensive stores!
Flying in private jets , and so on !
If you read this leave your comment and send a few friends over so they can comment too...
At some point I know our voices and thoughts will be heard loud and clear!
If I'm missing so much in life what is mr papandreo or mitsotaki missing!
Probably nothing!!!