Monday, February 27, 2012

Dept free

What is that????
In Greece at this point it is impossible !
As I'm writing this my dept is over 100,000 !!!
4 loans are what I thought 4 years ago I can pay in 15 years!!!!
How stupid of me!!!
Who thought that troika would take 99% of our money from our pockets!
How did that happen ???
Easy !!!
I have a pizza store or you can call it a fast food store in a tiny village!
People don't have money to eat out anymore !!!
So my job is dead!!!
My husband is an construction worker!!!
His job has gone down the drane!
No new houses are being built!
So that is how troika took 99% of my money...
People were working and getting paid!!
They would shop and spend!!!
I had a few economics saved for hard times. But they have finished now!!!
If my work isn't giving me money for food and little everyday things ! How do they expect us to pay off our loans???


  1. this is such a common story around Greece (and the world) - you are not alone! We have debt too - in our case, since we don't have a home or business, our debt is our car - the only thing we "own" (but we don't really, I guess the bank still owns half of it). I would come and buy pizza from you if I lived close to you!! I bet your pizza is really good. I have a friend in Ptolemaida whose family owns a pizza restaurant and they are having a hard time too. It is so hard to eat out when we don't have money - you know everyone would LOVE to but they just can't. It's the same here. There are so many places we'd love to try - whether just to take a break from cooking, or because they have some kind of dishes we haven't had before, or we've heard they're good - but we can't afford it, so we stay home.
    I know that everyone says we should all be debt free but it is very difficult in Greece. Things are very expensive here and if we had to pay cash for our car we would not have a car and my husband wouldn't be able to get to work.