Friday, March 2, 2012

My shopping today at the grocery store galaxias

I thought the cashier was going to have a stroke!
Why you ask?
Here is the answer !
I bought lots of goodies,
The Greek frugal smart way!!!
With my lovely coupons!!!
I really love my coupons ( new at couponing just started in 2012 )
I found my favorite product on sale,,,
Fairy tabs for only 4.50 euros!!! I had 6 coupons that were 3 euros off each pack.
Yes that is right !!!!
I only paid 1.50 each pack of fairy tabs!
I also bought Gillette gel proglide for 1.38 a can with coupons , I got 3 of those.
I also got lenor fabric softener for 1.81 !!
I got 10 if those with my coupons!!
2 skip the small bottles for 3.63 each!!!
Regular price is 8 something a bottle.
And 10 shampoos for 1.30 each... Not store brand but wella pro !!!
The regular store price for that is somewhere around 4 ...
Yes 4 euros a bottle!!!
Bought groceries worth about 150 for 75 and some change...
My stock pile is growing slowly...
It started out as a ( let me try this). To a this is major money saving!
So even if I spend some extra time looking for my specials or even printing my coupons , it is worth it ...
You might think , what on earth will I do with 15-20 shampoos? The answer is easy ! We are a family of 5 , we go throw shampoo and soap for dishes fast. We also eat allot since we are a big family !!!
But we are all very thin!!!
So if you try hard enough I'm sure you will find ways to cut your expenses ....

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  1. wow that is awesome!! You are doing really well with the coupons. I don't have a printer so I haven't really gotten into couponing. But I do use the Carrefour €6 coupons from the newspaper. I wish I had a printer!!