Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tip of the day!!!

If you can walk some were ,,,
Why drive!!!
Saving fuel and exercising at the same time!!!
If you do need to drive some were do the smart thing !!!
What I do !!!
When I have to run errands I go super market shopping the same day!!!
I park my car in front of the market, ( that is were the heavy stuff is for me)
I grab my bag and run my errands!!! Mostly banks and mail office !!! Then I walk to my car put one bag in grab my shopping bag with my coupons and go market shopping !!
So I only drove to the market not making circles around and around !!!
I also get some exercising in !!! I used my iPod a few times and found out I walked 4 kilometers!
That is money , time and fuel saved!!
I saved time because I don't need to park myself, I just enter were ever I want to go!!!

1 comment:

  1. that's great! I live in a city so I walk everywhere anyway, but I know it's much harder when you don't live in the city. (Although judging by the traffic in town, it seems many of our fellow city residents do NOT agree with us on this one...)