Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The end of 2011 is the beginning of 2012

Maybe my quit went for a walk!
But will be starting again tomorrow .
My don't drink drinks went for a drive on Saturday !!! But I'm back.
What ever you do you have to get up after your slip and get back on your ride. It might take a thousand slips! Give your self a few days. 2-3 days are enough and start again !
The weather here is very cold and snowy ! Yes we have snow today in Greece ! And the weather is very cold but I don't care. My wood stove is keeping my warm. Saving me tons of euros! Was thinking of all the lovely euros I had spent these 4 years. If I only knew ! Well it is never too late to start.
In December 2011 I decided to change my life!
First thing is my budget ! Have you heard what Greece is going through .
So I started couponing!
Hard thing in Greece !
Did allot of searching .
In Greece it is almost impossible to coupon...
But I think I'm doing a great start...
Started with shampoo and dish washing soap! And a few more products.
Trying to lower my electrical bill!
And the biggest challenge for 2012!!!!! Is to get my pizza store to work again... Didn't make nothing last year! It even got me in dept . So this year I'm thinking of new things , maybe with a new aproch more customers ! Well we see after the Greek easter! That's when I will be opening for summer! But I'm planning from now ! Better early than late!! That is my saying!!!
So I guess the end of 2011 was a turn around for me!!! Got me thinking!!! Greece is going broke! Everyone will suffer , but why should I suffer like them! I will try to make things a little better. A penny saved here and there is a penny earned!

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