Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What a day

What a day it was today.
Went and bought a wood stove, will be here till Friday. I can only imagine the euros I will be saving on electricity and fuel.
Went and bought 5 lettuce to plant tomorrow , but now I heard that it will be raining .
My cut back on smoking is going great!
I'm going down slowly, not to fast to freak me out.
I also made a bread loaf from my bread machine, but it wasn't good , to salty. Will buy some bread tomorrow and make some more with bread machine too.
But the best thing for today is !!!!
That I found blogger for my iPod !
Ok so what! I might be a frugal mom of 3 but I wanted and needed the iPod !
It helps me. It is helping me cut down on smoking . And 2 years ago it helped me quit for 4 months. That is when I bought it, it was my 3 month quit gift.
This time I'm thinking of keeping my quit for at least 25 years!!!

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