Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tip of the day!

It is the weekend!
If you are staying home all weekend and no one coming over, why get out of your pjs...
When I come home on Friday night ,
I put pjs on my daughter the same ! Sunday afternoon we take a shower change our underclothes and wear our pjs again!!! No clothes washing on the weekend.
Less energy spent , more time left, more money in my pocket too!!!
Doesn't work for everyone !
But it might work for you!

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  1. we do this too! I am embarrassed to admit when I last washed sheets and towels. We air everything out (when it isn't raining) but I hate running the washing machine for two sheets! Our water bill is the only thing that hasn't gotten more expensive, so I am trying REALLY hard to keep our water use down, hoping that I can save a few euros that way. I did bring it down 6 euros last bill - so happy about that. We already use very little water. ~ Heidi