Friday, March 16, 2012

Tip of the day!!!

Most of us have a smart phone or an iPod or an iPad or so on...
Applications ,,, well there are billions!!!
I love my iPod 4 !
Bought it last year ! Octomber 2010 !
Played over 100 games downloaded lots of great apps....
For free!!!
Do don't need to pay for an app..
There is always a free one just like the paid one!!! Just need to look a little more...
Me for example!!!!
First I find the app I want ..
Then I google it and find something free that is almost the same!!
Other people pay money!!
I just payed to get the iPod !!!
Apps come and go !!
Why pay for things that after a month or two I will get bored of !
Free is always better!
Don't you agree...

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