Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is the week almost over???

Did no shopping !
Did no errands !
But with a 6 year old being ill in the house and husband sick too , it got me down this week!
Unemployment is hitting us hard!
Were is Greece going ?
My husband hasn't worked in over 2 months , me over 6 months. Now trying to make ends meet is harder and harder!!!
The news are driving us nuts.
The only way to live now is not only frugally but as a cheapstack!
At the end of the week we will know what troika wants from us!
Too many bad things in a week and the bad weather can make you mad!
Hope next week is better!
Love you all ! The Greek frugal mom!

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  1. My husband and I are struggling along too... I'm unemployed (no OAED either) and he makes less than 600 euros/month. At least he is still working, I am so grateful for that. After rent and our loan payment on our car, we have 40 euros for everything - heat, electricity, food, gasoline. It's so hard. I too hope next week, and every week after that is better. HUGS to you! Heidi