Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stock piling in Greece .

Stock piling in Greece , the frugal way is very hard work.
With money being tight these days !
But if you get the whole family to help with coupons , things might get a little easier.
Try this site:
Www. Livesmart. Gr
Pretty nice coupons!
But you can only print singles!
But a family of 5 needs more , so here is what you do!
My sons are over 18 both! Get then to sign up. And then go shopping with them so they can show there id card at the cash register with there name. These coupons have your name on them!!!
Do some online search of the grocery stores you will going to shop.
Compare prices before using coupons !
The first few times it's a little difficult , but it gets easier with time.
But saving is the name of the game!
Maybe we can beat the rececion !
Maybe not !
But we will try our best , to survive with what we can . A little less here a little less there . But we will go down with a fight!

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