Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My shopping day!!!

Yes I went shopping yesterday at galaxia!
I got nounou kid milk for only 5.72
Yup the box with. 8 cans !
Regular price 8.40
-1.68 the 20% off the stores have plus
-1.00 from my coupons .
Now that is extreme couponing in Greece ! Bought 3 boxes of milk ...
I also bought hair dye!
3 of that too....
The dye costs regular price 8.14
- 2.00 the store special
- 3.00 my coupons
Paid 3.14 euros a dye
That is 15 euros saved from the dyes ...
I also bought Essex detergent for clothes...
Regular price 8.99
- 2.25 special offer from store
- 2.00 from my coupons
Bought 3 of those too...
And a whole lot more !!!
But you need coupons!!!
Call epithemies and ask to be on there mailing list!!!
Go on livesmart and print .
Get a folder and carry your coupons with you!!!
You never know what you will find in the store!!!
Last month I found Pantene pro v 2.50 the large bottle!!!!
Looked in my folder and saw that I had a - 1.50 coupon
Not one coupon but 10
Got ten bottles of that shampoo....
I think it costs around 4 something
And I got it for one euro....
Why pay 40 when you can pay 10
So at this point my stoke pile is growing! I will invest in my pile again next month...
Buying things you don't need now, for a fraction of there price is smart...
Don't over do it!!!
Try 10-20 euros a month on things you really need... We are a big family... 2 teenagers and a six year old . We are a 5 member family!!!
So milk shampoo soap and dyes are a must in this family!!!
That is all for now!!
I hope this post helps a few!!!
Because the future seams hard for us Greeks ! We need to learn to shop the smart way!!!


  1. that is definitely extreme couponing for Greece! I get so frustrated when my friends in North America talk about getting $180 off their weekly shopping trip because of coupons. It is so unfair hehe. You did GREAT - wow on the Pantene.

    do you shop at Carrefour Marinopoulos? I buy the Sunday newspaper (Proto Thema) and there is a 6 euro coupon (the paper is 2 euros) if you spend 20 euros. So if you ONLY spend 20 euros - 4 euros from the coupon (minus the cost of the paper!) it's a discount of 20% on everything you buy. I do this most weeks.

    To be honest, when they first starting having the coupons, I didn't know if it would be one week or two weeks or what, and I bought 6, 7, 10 papers!!! They've had them every week for at least 3 months now.

    I use those coupons with the Carrefour Discount brand or stuff that is on sale. Recently they had all Frozen Foods 20% off, plus 20% with the coupon it is a good deal. They also had all Coffees and all Chocolates on 20% off. When they have sales like that, I buy as much as I can afford and store.

    We live in Komotini so we don't have Galaxias up here - just Carrefour, Lidl, and Masoutis!

    1. We only have galaxias and gl close... Close is a 30 minute drive too and 30 minutes back!!!!