Thursday, February 9, 2012

Livesmart. Coupons

At last they have them ready.
Go to livesmart print your coupons and enjoy a day of shopping .
While having my coffee my printer is busy printing !
Was waiting for the coupons all week.
No coupons means no shopping!
So let's save some money today !
And they have some lovely coupons!
Can't wait to hit the stores! Well actually one store , galaxias!


  1. your blog looks great - I am really interested in many of these same topics. I recently started a blog about this craziness we're all living through here in Greece. I am adding your blog to my reader so I won't miss any of your posts. :)
    Heidi @ homeingreece

    1. Thank you!!!
      I'm a mom trying to make ends meet..
      But most ends don't meet these days