Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My wood stove part 2 !!!

It's been 3 weeks now with my wood stove! The house is very very hot!!!
I even cook there... Today I cooked lemon roasted chicken with potatoes ...
I didn't even use electricity to cook... That is major money saved... With the Greek crisis hitting us hard, saving money really counts ! How stupid I was these last 4 years... I should have bought a wood stove earlier ! Well I learned my lesson , !!
Better late then never!!!
Since January things have gone from bad to worse.
And the things don't seam to get better for a while... I think things will go down hill for a couple of years! So each thing we learn now will help us survive the next few years to come... Greek people need to learn the frugal ways of living!!! Ok Greeks were frugal , but now we have to learn extreme frugal living! We have to read blogs to see how each person saves a penny so we can too save ...
Greeks in big cities have more chances to save than people living in little towns!!! Example : in Athens you have buses metro and supermarkets near you... In my little town there is no buses or metro or a supermarket!!! I have to drive everywhere with my car! I have to drive 30 minutes to go to the closest supermarket and 30 minutes back... I can't go nowhere by foot ...
Everything is so far away ! And if you have a little child things are harder!!! I should know! My daughter is 6 !!! My sons are 19 and 18 years old... So 2 cars till now is a must!!! One for daddy to go to work!!! He is a construction worker.. He has a small pick up truck!!!
He needs it to carry things for his work everyday!!! I have a sedan !!! I need it to take the little one to school, for shopping and for running errands . With no other means of transportation in my little town, 2 cars are a must!!!
We tried living for 2 months with one car but it was impossible !!! It even cost us more money on fuel!!! Daddy also lost time from work ...
I wish we had transportation like they do in Athens!

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  1. that is so great that your woodstove is keeping you all warm! we are cold here, even though we have heat in our apartment building and an electric a/c unit in the living room AND an electric heater in the bedroom.

    how often do you go shopping for food? When we lived on Folegandros (where there are no supermarkets), we would go food shopping once every 2-3 months (off the island), and only buy milk and fresh fruit/vegetables on the island. That saved us a few thousand euros/year.