Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tip of the day

Today the tip is kind of funny!!!
Do you know roli!
Yes the powder!!!
It costs 1.07 euros a bottle!!!
With the coupon 0.50 that epithemies had you get it for 0.57 !
Get 5-6 coupons and buy it!
Use it everywhere !!!
From toilettes to sinks!!!
To scrubbing the tiles on the porch , in the bathtub!
Also use it to wash the shower!!!
The good news you save tons of money ... The bad news, you have to scrub!!! Paying less means 5 minutes more work! But why would I pay a product that costs 5.00 euros to get things done in a minute... When I can pay 0.57 and get things done 5 minutes later ! Now that is money saved and earned !!!
And that is an other thing I learned in January !!!
Like I said 2012 will be a year of saving and learning new things for me !

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