Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tsiknopemti. And I feel awful!!!

Tsiknopemti is a day when most Greeks eat grilled or BBQ meat...
This year my daughters school is having a tsiknopemti party...
It costs 15 euros a head !!!
Would love to go but!!!!
Four people by 15 is way out of budget for me...
Years ago before the crisis I would go out to dinner like most Greeks!
But this year its different !
Most of us are broke...
Too many unemployed !
Too many loosing there homes!
Too many not having food on the table!
At least we still have food!!!
Not what we want to eat , but what we can afford !
Like every human I will go out this month or next for a raki or tsipouro.
For hubby and me and the 2 little ones it will cost around 25-35.
But I need to go out... To see people , to hear people talking, to watch them eat drink or nible!
I live a bit far from the village! I live beside the sea!!!
In summer I see people walking on the road in front of my house .
But that is only for two months !
The rest of the ten I'm alone ... Not even a neighbor !
I like the peace and quite I have!!!
But I need to go out!!
If I don't I think I will go mad...
Would love to go out for dinner but it costs too much!!!
So a tsipouro is the right thing for me!
They bring you the drink for two euros and a small dish to nibble on... My two little ones nibble the dishes with every tsipouro me and hubby order... And we order one or two dishes with actual servings.
After two drinks I'm happy!
After three even more happy!
After four a little drunk!!!
After five I don't smoke and need lots if water to drink and a good nap to get undrunk!!! Hahahaha!
But it is ok !!!
I makes my brain think that it went out to have fun!!!!
Gym is way too far away to go and very expensive !!!
The coffee shop we have here charges 3 for each coffee and 2 euros a soda!!!
There is no resterant too eat !!
No fast food stores !!!
I do nothing during the winter months than to be a full time 24 hours a day mom!!! I don't go to other peoples homes for coffee! So I think a drink
Every 5-7 weeks is a must for me!!!
Thinking of it , I'll tell hubby to go out in Saturday ... Maybe we can afford it by then !! If not I'll make it a get happy drunk day on Sunday ! And cook side dishes and drink a few at home and pretend I'm out !!!
The bad news is after the nap you wake up and see the dishes , and the pans!
Ohhhhh what the h--l...
At least it will be a lot cheaper than going out !!!

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