Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tip of the day!!!

Dye your own hair!!!
I used to have blond hair ,
But now I'm dyeing it a little darker than my natural color ...
My natural color is brown .
But I got too many gray!
So with the dye I got 2 days ago. I dyed them last night ! Lovely hair color for less than 4 euros !!!
The hair salon would charge me 50 euros plus 10 euros in fuel to go...
So I saved 56 euros !!!
Now that is a great deal!!!!
In the 4 euros is the dye the shampoo and the water!!! And think of all the time saved too...
No waiting in lines , and doing a few easy chores at the same time the dye was on my hair....
Time and money saved!!!
Now that is a great tip!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I've just discovered my first gray hairs... I think I have about 30 of them. I'm not going to dye them though, because my mother got gray hair in the same spot at the age I am now, so I'm going to embrace the gray and wear it proudly. I miss my mom (she lives in USA) so maybe seeing them will remind me of her :)

    I miss getting my hair cut. My hair style is a very short bob and I had it cut every 5 weeks before the crisis. I haven't had it cut since March 2011 and it's so long now and I HATE it. I've begged my husband to cut it for me but he won't, he is afraid to do it wrong. It really frustrates me and I am considering doing it myself. I have a pair of hair cutting scissors, I know it won't look like it was cut professionally but I hate having it all over my shoulders!!