Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am bad too

Yes it's like you read it!!!
I'm bad too...
I'm not always frugal,
I go on shopping spreas ,
I'm a smoker,
I love and drink tons of coffee,
I love my iPod
I have Internet service at home,
I shop clothes,
I go shopping without a list !!!
I also go out here and there sometimes for a drink of tsipouro or raki!
I eat junk food, I also buy sodas!!!
But I'm only human...
But I don't do this everyday !!!
At some times it over my head!!!
But with making stupid decisions it helps you learn !!!!
After the shopping or the drinking , I sit and think, did I really need that, and why did I go overboard like that...
But a human will be a human!!!
And on somedays I will do stupid things!!! But the rest 30 days of the month I will be on track....

1 comment:

  1. I am sorry to see that you are not going to be around Week to Week living as much anymore, but it seems like you have some pretty good ideas and a good blog on being frugal here. I haven't been to week to week living since it got off the ground, but I got your message that you would be here, so I came.

    I'm sorry to hear about the troubles in Greece. I hope things can be resolved without much rioting. If it is okay I will pray for your family specifically when I make my prayers. That situation sounds so difficult and I wasn't aware that even supermarkets are closed on the weekends where you are. Those things would be scary. I wish you well.

    Theresa (IstraLouise)